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Appendicitis Patient Case Studies

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  • 10 Year Old Boy
  • Acute Appendicitis

The boy complained to his mother in the evening of general stomach pain. There were periods of pain through the night. Believing that the source of the pain was a digestive upset, the boy went to school the following morning. Another episode of acute pain occurred mid-morning and the boy contacted his mother. At this point she took her son to the Emergency Department. Upon an initial physical examination, the attending physician suspected appendicitis. The doctor ordered a NeutroSpec scan test, which he deemed was more definitive for appendicitis. The results of the NeutroSpec test clearly indicated an infected appendix. The appendix would have burst soon if the condition was not tended to promptly. A successful appendectomy was performed.

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  • 65 Year Old Woman
  • Chronic Appendicitis

Yolanda had suffered from abdominal pain for a couple of years. The generalized pain would last for a few days and then go away, only to return some time later. Each episode of pain seemed to be more severe than the preceding episodes. A consultation with her physician did not result in a diagnosis. She was told that nothing was wrong with her female organs. Thinking that perhaps her source of pain was a digestive problem, she started to limit certain foods in her diet. This change in behavior did not eliminate her abdominal pain. She went to the Emergency Department on three separate occasions. But, again received no resolution to her problem. Finally, she went to another Emergency Department. The attending physician suspected that she might have appendicitis. A NeutroSpec scan test was conducted and the test clearly indicated that Ms. Valdes did have appendicitis. She had a more rare form of appendicitis that can cause chronic pain over a long time period. However, at any time her appendix could have ruptured. A successful appendectomy was performed.

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  • 21 Year Old Man
  • Suspected Appendicitis
Gary started to suffer full body muscle spasms. The spasms were so severe that he had trouble standing up. He first went to his family physician, whom immediately recommended that Gary go to the Emergency Department. At the Emergency Department a CT scan was performed, but that test proved inconclusive. The Emergency Department physicians suspected appendicitis among several other possible causes. Gary was told that he might have to have an operation, but the doctors wanted to run a more definitive test. A NeutroSpec scan was performed are the results indicated negative for appendicitis. It was finally suspected that Gary had a case of food poisoning. He was able to leave the hospital and did return to his normal activities in a couple of days.