The magic pill for back pain

▶ ️If your back hurts right now and you are reading this post – congratulations, you have already started treatment – and it is called patient education, if you understand the benignity of pain and are not afraid to continue your daily level of physical activity and not lie in bed – recovery will come faster!

🔺You need to understand a simple rule – for most people with back pain, the cause is nonspecific, that is, the pain is not caused by a specific disease that can be identified – most often it will be musculoskeletal pain.

🔺 Less than 1% will have a serious systemic cause (such as a tumor or infection)

🔺 Less than 10% – less serious specific cause (fracture, disc herniation)

❗️Radiculopathy (disc herniation) is a specific cause of pain! Let’s talk about it and separately.

🔺The second important principle is that nonspecific pain will eventually go away EVEN without treatment❗️

▶ ️Therefore, we place the main emphasis on non-pharmacological methods for back pain therapy!

These methods have a weak or moderate level of evidence in research – therefore, the choice depends on the patient’s capabilities (including financial), and on the availability of the method.

🔺 Spine exercises, dry heat, massage. And even chiropractic and acupuncture can help🤷♂️

▶ ️Medicine methods of treatment – pain relievers and muscle relaxants and It is even recommended to confine oneself to painkillers in general, and use muscle relaxants as a second-line drug.

Do you see vitamin B here? No! That’s right, and I can’t see! 🤷♂️

🔺If you have CHRONIC back pain (> 12 weeks) – an additional mechanism is added to the formation of pain sensation, associated with the rearrangement of the perception of pain stimulus in the brain (central sensitization).

Imagine if you hold your hand over the fire for 12 weeks and then turn off the fire – the hand will continue to hurt, but not due to the action of the fire itself, but due to the reconstructed mechanism of perception of pain impulses in the brain.

▶ ️In order to act on this additional mechanism of pain, we use antidepressants or antiepileptic drugs.

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